How to stay the course and succeed

A timely reminder that good things come to those who put the effort in and have patience. A quick result is not often a lasting one.

Deborah Klee

Ambition is great, it drives us to achieve our goals but it needs to be tempered with patience if we are to keep on track and avoid crashing. This has been a hard lesson for me and although looking back on my life I ended up in the right place, there were times when I caused myself unnecessary distress and almost sabotaged my chances of success as a result of my impatience.

A pattern that I recognise in my behaviour starts with a heartfelt wish or passion. I put everything that I have into achieving this goal. Early achievements indicate that I am on the right track and I have what it takes. This is all good. We are inspired by our dreams to find our life’s purpose. The little markers of success along the way, for example, praise from a line manager, achieving a weight loss goal, or winning…

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Why we all need a cheerleader

Cheerleadersjpg The cheerleaders by Luis Villa del Campo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons licensed by CC BY 2.0

We all need a cheerleader in our lives, someone who supports us in whatever we choose to do. A person who is there when the going gets tough with a supportive smile, a reassuring squeeze of the hand or an encouraging nod. A person who will listen calmly as we rant about the injustices that have befallen us or which we imagine have befallen us. Someone to share the wine (whine?) with.

Winejpg Wine by Jenny Ondioline courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons licensed by CC BY 2.0

Our cheerleader is a person who has the clarity of vision to look at any given situation and whilst still playing the role of our cheerleader can see where we might have taken a wrong turn and not be afraid to…

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35 Things You Don’t See When You buy A Book #WritingCommunity

A wonderful blog post from Lucy Mitchell – It’s as though she can see into my world 🙂

The idea for this post came to me after I was reading an article on Medium about the phrase overnight success.

I have always been intrigued by the term and the notion that success JUST happens to authors. Surely there is more to overnight literary fame than meets the eye? Once you type this myth into Google you can expect to see an array of interesting articles and blog posts on the subject.

The article on Medium talks about how ‘in reality, overnight success exists, but only as the tip of an iceberg.’

So, I got excited and thought some more about how published or self published books are the tip of the iceberg, which rises out of the water and there’s so much more going on underneath the water.

I decided to pull together a list of all the things you don’t see when you buy a…

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No one to talk to

In our present troubled times this post seems more apt than ever.

Pressure is a funny thing. Some people thrive under pressure, others crumble. Pressure can concentrate minds to get a task done – hands up who used to do their homework on the eve of going back to school – yep, me too! I needed that pressure of a deadline to finally knuckle down and get the work done. Friends of mine planned their time and got all their homework done on the first couple of days of the holiday. No sick feeling in the pits of their stomachs as the end of the school holidays approached but they also did not get to enjoy the first few days of the holiday like I did.

Diamonds are formed under pressure but too much pressure can crush the life out of anything.

Stress is a different beast to pressure. However much we may want to limit the stress in our lives it…

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Welcoming Change

The space in between…what a wonderful concept and another inspiring blog post from this thought provoking new blogger. Her willingness to take that leap in the dark not once but twice is an example to us all to push out of our comfort zones.

Deborah Klee

Beginnings are scary.

I am writing this blog on the first day of the summer solstice, here in the Northern hemisphere. It seems fitting, as today I am writing about change.

Steven Rogers said, ‘Beginningsare usuallyscary,endingsare usuallysad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts.’ I am embarking on a change in my career and it is scary. I have been here before, when I moved from the clear career path as an executive manager in the NHS to a very different role working for the Audit Commission, a national regulator of local authority and health care services. Then, as now, I moved from the safety of a role where I was respected and knew what I was doing, to one where I felt like the new girl – clueless and deskilled.

In recent years, I have been letting my profile as a consultant in health and social care…

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Balancing Time

Balancing our lives in the modern world is such a challenge but Deborah shows that with a little thought it can be done. Interesting post.

Deborah Klee

Balancing commitments

‘I would find it hard shutting the door on my husband and children, saying I needed time to write,’ a woman once said to me, when I was giving a library reading. She longed to be a writer but didn’t honour herself by protecting her writing time.

This is so often a problem for woman, and I suspect men, as many are homemakers and care givers. When we take time for ourselves, we may feel guilty and sometimes use this as an excuse not to follow our dreams.

When our daughter was born thirty years ago, my husband gave up work to be a full-time dad. He never went back to work, through choice, and I have been the sole wage earner for our little family. It worked for us and I have no regrets. However, when I was working I felt I should be with my daughter…

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