A few years ago my Dad put up a bird house in the garden. It had a little front step and a beautiful roof made of twigs and I couldn’t imagine how any prospective little bird parents could not fall in love with it and move in.

Sadly, the years went by and although the little bird house got several visits from curious birds sticking their heads inside they ultimately decided it wasn’t for them. Perhaps it was a problem with the neighbourhood – too close to the trellis and thus vulnerable from attack from cats or too close to the trees. Whatever the reason, the little bird house remained vacant and available to let.

No Cats Allowed Birdhouse by Mechanoid Dolly courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

Over the years it started to look a little weathered and worn but that just added to its character. It still had a good roof and was water tight. I still lived in hope that one spring the right little bird family would move in.

That was until this spring. I have mentioned the doves that frequent my garden in previous posts (you may recall their forlorn attempt to nest in the satellite dish). Well, they returned and took an interest in my little bird house. This despite the fact they could barely get their heads inside the entrance.

I watched over a fateful weekend as they carefully began to deconstruct my little bird house. The roof took the worst as they dismantled it twig by twig and carefully carried these up into one of my trees to build their nest.  I could only watch from the house and smile as they worked so hard to tear apart one house to build another better suited to their needs (perhaps they had been watching one of those home makeover shows on tv).

Once they were done my pretty little bird house was not so pretty anymore.  It is what they would call in the property trade a doer-uper.  I did get a little blue tit come to investigate. He seemed to find great delight in hopping through the front door and exiting via the roof.  Needless to say, he did not move his family in.

A Doer-Uper
What you might call a doer-uper! Ellie Holmes Author

Ultimately, the little bird house served its purpose just not in the way I intended.

The moral of this tale? As much as we want something to be a certain way in life, it is not always within our control to make it happen. Sometimes we just have to accept things are the way they are.

Sea by Moyan Brenn courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. K E Garland 05/09/2016 / 1:44 am

    …so true Ellie, especially with writing/authoring.


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